Impulse buying VS Impulse saving.


Hypnosis is a fascinating field. It edges on psychology, but is generally misunderstood. It also tells us a lot about how the mind works.

With this in mind I like to experiment from time to time. One of my experiments was to place a wallet on the ground outside my old office at a busy intersection with lots of foot traffic, draw a yellow chalk line around it, and see how long it would take for someone to take it. I expected it would take 5 minutes. The results were most surprising and certainly reflect on the honesty of people in Vancouver.

However, today I have another experiment. I am going to give you $25. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Well, almost. For anyone who pays $25 using the button below, I will reduce the cost of their first session by $25 more than the listed rate. So, you basically pay $25 in advance, and then get a further $25 off the cost of a hypnotherapy session. Not a small discount.

If you use the button at the foot of this article (before calling my office to book) I will apply that $25 payment toward your bill, and also deduct that further $25 from the cost of the first session. I can generally fit new clients in within about 4 days of their contacting me.

Now, you may ask, ‘why would Rob do this?’

There’s actually a sound economic reason. By doing this before you call me, I’ve basically removed the cost of selling the service to you. You’ve become a very bought in client, and are committed to coming to your session. Any service provider who is also a marketer can see the value of this. Frankly it’s probably worth considerably more that $25 to me. So, it makes sense for me and it makes sense for you. Even though, as a human being, there’s just something counter intuitive about it.

So, why would anyone considering  a hypnotherapy session not do this? After all, I’ve been in this business since 2007, it’s not like I am going to leave town with your cash. I’m also probably the oldest and most established hypnotherapist in this city, so your risk factor is very low. A lot of people know me, and frankly my honesty probably isn’t in question. It’s not that you’d avoid doing this because you want more information, because there’s a ton of information on my website.

And yet there’s an aversion to this factor of paying in advance – even if it does mean securing a sizable discount. Logic dictates that this is a good idea for a client, and yet our in-built sense of caution tells us not to do it. There might be merit in the idea of increasing the discount. Would a $50 discount be more likely to make you pay a $50 advance payment? Or $75? How high would you like to go? It’s not really something I have time to test, but it’s an intriguing question.

As a marketer, (and I worked for years at one of Vancouver’s leading advertising agencies, as well as Intrawest in a specialist marketing department so my credentials stand up here), I am aware of the power of the ‘impulse buy’. So this is me offering you the chance of an ‘impulse save’.

I’m not the first person to try this.  TD had an advertising campaign years ago offering an Ipad to people who switched to their bank. I’m not sure how well that went, but it was certainly something I gave a lot of thought when I added up how much I was paying in service charges before I switched to a much more cost effective solution with another bank. I believe I said to Kary at the time, “I wonder how many Ipads I’ve bought their new customers.” So, that I would consider a misfire.

So, if you are lucky enough to be one of those who book me to do a session with you after using this saving opportunity I will happily tell you the results of the experiment.

Here’s the button

Pay $25 today.

Rob Hadley – 778 919 0197

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