We provide an extraordinarily talented team to assist you. Angie, Rob, Peter and Cheryl have a wealth of experience in skills spanning trance work, intuitive training and various forms of reading skills.


About Our Hypnotherapists

Lead Therapist: Angie Bender

Angie is an accomplished hypnotherapist having worked in the challenging fields of addiction, pain management and metaphysical hypnotherapy, to name a few.  Her experience is broad, and she continues to build her skills through continued professional development. A graduate of the Technical Hypnotherapy Association’s training system, Angie also completed training with the American Hypnotherapy Association.

Angie has participated in Vancouver Hypnotherapy’s professional development program, as well as managing Kitsilano Hypnotherapy. With her thorough training Angie occupies a valued position with her clients, demonstrating the highest standards of excellence in her field.

You can read more about Rob here and Angie here. We bring a wealth of hypnosis talents to the table, as well as other skills through a selection of top practitioners.

Each member of our group has specific skills and is a leader in their field. Featured in publications including The Vancouver Sun, Hypnotic World and on CBC, Kitsilano Hypnotherapy brings all these talents together under one roof. Join us and enjoy the journey.

We maintain our position as a leading hypnotherapy practice by providing the most highly trained therapists and consistently delivering client success. Our therapists are trained to the basic IMDHA certification level and above. Our therapists have attained the much higher level THA certification standard.