I am pleased to provide downloadable MP3’s to help my clients. You will find a good selection here, and I sincerely hope you find them helpful.

I’ve always found that downloadable MP3’s are a powerful tool for clients, as they give an instant helping hand. I would also suggest not listening to them in the car, or when operating heavy machinery.

I recommend the use of a headset, and then listen to the file when it’s time for bed. You may find it puts you to sleep nicely, however the messaging settles into the subconscious.

Releasing Emotional Baggage:

Admit it, we’re all carrying some extra weight. When it’s time to release that personal baggage this is the perfect MP3 to help you do so. Whether it’s a relationship issue, or you feel hurt by circumstances, this self hypnosis exercise will help. $9.95

Releasing Emotional Baggage

Personal Reinvention:

When it’s time to reinvent yourself this could be just the thing to motivate you. $9.95

Personal Reinvention

Let Go Of A Relationship:

I am often asked to help a client release the sad memories and disappointment of a relationship gone sour. Sometimes it’s painful, other times just plain disappointing. Hypnosis is a great tool to assist in getting over a relationship that you wish to leave behind you. This MP3 will help you do so. $9.95

Let Go Of A Relationship

Overcoming Depression.

It can seem impossible to dig oneself out of a rut at times. In this self hypnosis file I provide a level of relief and help you gather the momentum to lift yourself out of a depressive state. You should use this MP3 daily to motivate yourself to a happier and more healthy outcome. $9.95

Overcome Depression

Ending Destructive Behaviour.

The cycles that repeat in your life are often caused by us acting out the same old story over and over again. In this self hypnosis file you are walked through a visualisation that will help end the repeated behaviour so many of us replay over and over. $9.95

Hypnosis To End Destructive Behaviour.

Alcohol Moderation.

Many people find that their alcohol consumption creeps up now and then. Sometimes it becomes a point of concern. In this self hypnosis MP3 I take you through a simple process to reduce and manage your alcohol use. $9.95

Reduce your alcohol consumption self hypnosis