Hypnosis to help you move past addiction.

Breaking habits can be a challenge, especially if you’ve done something for years in a damaging way. However hypnosis to end addiction is a tried and tested tool which can be used to help.

After moving into hypnosis I was asked to work with several clients with addiction issues. I did so using some powerful hypnosis techniques that produced excellent results. Since then I’ve specialised in this type of hypnosis.

Since 2007 I’ve been using the tangible and measurable methods to help my Vancouver clients in breaking habits of all kinds. When you use my services you do so in a non-judgmental and safe environment.

When first asked to help with addiction I found that there was little information available to point me in the right direction. That was in 2007. I subsequently worked with leaders in addiction and therapy techniques and developed a method which has worked time and time again with my clients.

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I am also pleased to work with clients who struggle with body dysmorphia and other challenges associated with alternative genders. I’ve long supported my LGBTQ clients in all aspects of the lifestyle.

Hypnosis has been used successfully to support clients for many years, sometimes under other names. For some it’s a type of conditioning, and for others it’s indistinguishable from CBT. I’m happy to use it to bring my clients to a successful resolution.

For a specific list of the challenges I can help you overcome don’t hesitate to call 778 919 0197.

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How does it feel to quit smoking?

Good question. I had a client some years ago who expressed it rather well. You’ll notice that in this video Lorette refers to Vancouver Hypnotherapy. I am happy to refer clients to VH if you’d rather work with a female hypnotist.

If you’ve ever wondered why hypnosis works so well for Quit Smoking, have a look HERE.