I have been fortunate enough to work with many hypnotherapists over the years. I have trained many at a high level, through the Vancouver Hypnotherapy School, and also as ongoing support for employees of Vancouver Hypnotherapy.

This training has ranged from Masterclass training in techniques, to Hypnotherapy Business Management. I am pleased to bring much of the material created for this, as well as the experience gained from this experience to my friends online.

If you’d like to get an insight into this training, or contribute to it, please register on this site.

The Master Group.

I run a special group for hypnotherapists and other members that focuses on the use of unusual hypnosis techniques and applications. When you subscribe to this group you will have access to updates of my own Master Group and the template of how to establish your own Master Group. Subscription costs just US $4.95 a month.

“What is a Master Group?”

In your practice you likely meet some amazing people. Some come in for a few sessions, and some will be in and out in one session. However, there are many you’d like to maintain contact with and build an ongoing relationship with. This group becomes your greatest set of former clients, and an advocate in the community for your business. They also become a close group that you work with regularly and nurture.

Many therapists can benefit from establishing a Master Group. Others who have a fascination with hypnosis and intuitive activities may also be interested in subscribing to learn more about advanced uses of hypnosis.

“Who are the members of my Master Group?”

You should initially invite a small number of your favorite clients to participate in this group. It is not a ‘healing group’, but rather a group choosing to explore the use of hypnosis and other intuitive techniques for self discovery. As you learn more about running this type of group you will realise this is quite an exclusive group. You’ll be undertaking some interesting journeys together, and you should choose your initial members very carefully. They will likely be former clients who are both responsive to hypnosis, and also have the type of inquiring nature that would enjoy the exercise of exploring unusual aspects of the mind. To be a member of a Master Group is a great privilege as you will be working with them and exploring your own limits as a hypnotist.

“If I subscribe, what do I get?”

You will receive access to material telling you how to develop this group of special members, and updates of activities and exercises undertaken by the Kitsilano group. You will bring your own style of group management to your group and stamp your own personality on it. This will become the core of your own practice over time.

Additionally you will see regular messages and information from me about the Kitsilano Master Group. I am always available for guidance.

Subscribe to the Master Group.

Be sure you are registered HERE once you have subscribed. I will upgrade your membership to allow access to the Master Group content on the website.