How quickly things can change … even lines in the palms. I’ve seen my own lines change within three days but these were merely indicators of decisions I had already taken myself. It was very satisfying to see my hands corroborating them. Your hands are excellent monitors of the roadblocks and other troubles in your life as well as your strengths and abilities. Roadblocks can be eliminated; strengths re-invigorated; abilities re-channeled and enhanced. When clients discover the evidence of the changes they’ve affected in their life, in their own hands, it’s exciting and wondrous!

Solutions sometimes come obliquely. A friend had been suffering from a three month long menstrual period and was developing anemia despite iron supplements and other medications. The lines indicating her reproductive organs were a tangled mess – I had never seen anything quite like it before. Yet when her doctor changed her prescription, three weeks later she was regular and her lines were unremarkable: normal and clear as if nothing had happened. The transformation was that fast! I wished I had taken a before and after print. However, inking hand prints is a messy process and so I don’t do it any more.

Interpretation can come from the client. I learn something new every time I look at a fresh pair of hands. One lady I read years ago had the sign of the Raja. It’s rare and is a traditional sign royal blood flows in the veins – I’ve seen it in true bluebloods. When I showed it to her, she laughed, “Oh, no royalty in me! I grew up in an orphanage and got adopted out to several foster homes. I’ve been poor all my life but it’s never bothered me because, well, you know, it’s weird, I’ve always felt like a queen!”

Misconceptions exist. Some think the outer lines under the little finger region are how many children, relationships or marriages you’ll have. It’s the right area but the horizontal lines are the important love interests while the tiny, ascending lines rising from them can indicate potential children (sometimes even their health and temperament) or represent instead adored pets or the significant things you do together from starting a business, constructing a home or running a charity. Moreover, there are other areas in the hand to verify the status of your love life.

Even though you’re the author of your own story, it’s sometimes wise to read ‘between the lines.’

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