On your journey to self confidence and self reliance we will help you with a number of tools. One of the fundamental aspects of growing your self esteem is understanding your past. This may include accessing past memories, or even past lives.

To help release the belief system that’s been limiting you and standing in your way, we bring into play methods that will help you understand those beliefs. With understanding comes a sense of releasing them, and moving beyond those chains and shackles that have hindered your progress.

You journey will be one of learning, development and likely helping others around you. We are here to assist every step of the way.

We also have a number of advanced intuitive practitioners we’re very happy to make available to you. Some of these practices can help you understand the lessons of your life, and bring clarity to your future. Our Tarot and Palmistry sessions have been particularly helpful for people wishing to introduce themselves to our services.

For those wishing to engage in an in depth study of their intuitive selves we are pleased to offer the Kitsilano Hypnotherapy Personal Growth Course. This combines aspects of Hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis,  tantric and kundalini practices as well as Tarot and Palmistry. Members who complete this course are welcomed as senior practitioners and encouraged to bring their own clients to our facility.

The hypnotherapy techniques include:

Instilling confidence and awareness of your own power – You’ll learn to trust yourself, and embrace others without fear . In trusting others you’ll inspire trust.

Past life regression – present life recall – chording and spirit release – soul centered counseling – self forgiveness and the forgiveness of others – recovery of lost talents – releasing a fear of death – soul mate discovery – Ultra-height therapy – future life progression and life between lives – and many others.

Additionally we provide several other services you may find of value:


The remarkable talents of Peter Gribble simply defy explanation. We book appointments with Peter on Thursdays¬†and Saturday afternoons. Please request an appointment specifically requesting Peter’s assistance.


Using an array of tarot decks you can find your path with the aid of a skilled tarot guide. When booking your session be sure to mention your interest in tarot.

Yoga with trance induction:

Cheryl will guide you through a gentle one on one yoga experience with the aid of trance and relaxation techniques that add to your experience. If you have never experienced yin yoga before this is a remarkable opportunity to explore a yoga style that goes far beyond the physical.