Peter does the palm reading at Kitsilano Hypnotherapy. It goes without saying that Peter’s accuracy is legendary. His incorrigible sense of humor adds to your reading.
The Benefits of a reading – by Peter

Palmistry has been around for millennia, probably since the first cognitive primate stared at the curious lines in their hands and wondered what they signified.

Marvellous things, hands. Builders of civilizations, bringers of war, they wash dishes, assemble bridges, tie shoelaces but perhaps more intriguing: they reveal the truth; your truth. For that very reason, some cultures – the traditional Tibetan one, for example – are leery of showing others their palms.

As a helpful diagnostic, a reference and a helpmate ‘close at hand,’ each hand is a snowflake, no two alike. Even comparing your left to your right will show differences: some dramatic, some subtle; all important.

Yet many think once a crease is in the palm it’s there for life, like a folded piece of paper. Hands are living extensions of you. As you change so do they. Take an ink print of your hand, date it and compare it six months later. (A copier doesn’t quite do it justice I’m afraid – the fine detail will be lost.)

Thirty years ago, a friend I knew was facing a life-threatening condition and his life line was not much more than a short, ragged tassel. The doctors warned him to prepare for the worst. He instead turned his life around and after a year or so when I saw him again all of his lines had lengthened and strengthened. He found a new career, a new relationship and a new life! Decades later, it is fascinating to see the enhancements continue to deepen. Today, in the same relationship, he’s completely healthy, active and travels the world. So don’t ask – even of yourself – “How long will I live?” because it’s up to you!

But how to know? A reading will reveal the present you are living, the future you are building and the past you are hanging on to – the three foundation stones of so-called ‘Fate.’ Don’t like any of it? You are always Captain of your Soul and the Master and Maker of your Fate. Change it and watch your hands confirm it. An in-depth reading shows you how!

If you are interested in a reading with Peter, please be sure to mention palm reading in your appointment request. He does get very busy and only works on Thursday afternoons, and Saturday afternoons so be sure to get your request in soon.

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