Have you ever felt an undeniable sense of Déjà vu – with absolutely no explanation why? Like many others, you may have been puzzled by these feelings.  Perhaps you’ve also felt an inexplicable connection to others, for apparently no reason.

While these things can often be explained, there’s sometimes something lurking deep within our subconscious mind, just waiting for an opportunity to slip out. This might come in a blinding moment of insight, or in a gradual awareness that you can only put down to intuition.

Venturing into the world of past lives is an adventure that can lead you in directions that you least expect. The results can help you understand the challenges of this lifetime, and provide insight into exactly why some things keep happening over and over again. You may find that some lessons have been delivered not just once or twice – but through many lives and existences. It’s almost as if there’s a voice in there saying “do you get it yet?” How many times are you going to retake the course, before you understand the material?

Many people find the process of journeying through past lives sheds light on their current situation. Finding renewed confidence, a sense of security and a new perspective are typical results as you reach into the many layers of existence.

The exploration of Past Lives is a journey that can take you beyond the realms of your daily existence into something bigger than you ever imagined.