About Future Life Progression.

A future life progression can be life changing. So often we struggle through lives making the same mistakes over and over. We read the books, go to the workshop, do the meditations but somehow never seem to move forward.

A future life progression session is a life changing and powerful insight into your own future. You can discover who you will be with, where you will be living, how your career is going. You can look at alternate future and even go forward into your next lifetime and bring back the wonderful energy from the future you.

A Future Life Progression session can help you:

·        Find your one true and lasting love

·        Make the best career choices

·        Find out future trends in business and finance

·        Find out if you are still repeating the same mistakes

·        Find the perfect house

·        Have a glimpse of what the world will look like in the future

FLP is:

A Life changing experience

A waking dream therapy

An opportunity to peek into your possible futures

A way to improve your life now by identifying and making clear your best choices

A way of exploring your true potential

Use FLP to:

Awaken your subconscious

Empower yourself

Expand your business

Explore possibilities

Live your true potential

Benefits of a Future Life Progression (FLP)

*Find a career direction in your current job – make the right moves to maximize your potential and escape a dead-end role

*Test a new career path – identify your true vocation and implement a career change with confidence and success

*Build your confidence – FLP will show you how to follow your dream and make it come true.

*Make changes in your life – if you’re unhappy with your life path, FLP will help you to know that you will escape your rut.

*Find fulfillment – put the fire back into your working soul.

What Can Future Life Progression Do For You?

If you feel your life is stuck on hold or you have tried, and failed, to remove personal blocks and obstacles Future Life Progression can provide you with the tools to make renewed progress. You may have already cleared blocks and now need clarity to build confidence and move forward in the direction that most appeals to you. In this case FLP can help you make better informed choices and help you explore alternatives.

Future Life Progression will also allow you to see how your future could pan out. You may be able to experience how your life is, given the choices you opt to make, as well as the people you share your life with and the location that it all takes place in.

What Happens During A Session?

During a session, that is rather like hypnotherapy, we will talk you through relaxation steps that allow your body to become naturally deeply relaxed. You will have discussed, beforehand, the areas that you are most interested in exploring and examining and will therefore be lead in that direction.

The information that you will receive, during the meditative state, will however, be the most relevant information for you to gain knowledge from in the present time. This means that although you may feel you want to focus solely on career prospects your unconscious mind may feel that it is more important for you to examine another area or issue of your life that is preventing you from living your true potential.

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