One of the unusual things about the concept of past lives is the question, “What happens between these existences?” If we think in a linear manner it seems obvious there should be some conjoining moment or experience. One idea is thoroughly explored by Michael Newton PhD – author of the books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

In a series of detailed hypnosis experiments he worked with subjects to attempt to document and explain the concept of life between lives. Contact us if you’d like a copy of these books.

Life Between Lives simply means the space between incarnations, from the moment the soul leaves the body at the end of the last past life, to the point where the soul reincarnates into the current life. This is the very space that is Life Between Lives. An LBL is an extension of a Past Life Regression, but it is fair to say that an LBL is quite a journey in itself.   It is during this journey that we begin to access Superconscious memories, memories of our soul, our true being.  The Superconscious mind reveals our immortal character and its long history.  We can gain perspective about our origin, all our past lives, and our life between lives.

During a LBL we will be able to look at current life issues and also` review any of your past lives.  This will allow for healing to take place. You may discover that finding your place in the spirit world may be far more meaningful than describing any of your former incarnations on Earth.  Insight into this world may help you to understand the purpose behind your life choices and how, and why your soul, and the souls of those you love live on eternally.

It is advised to have had at least one Past Life Regression session prior to a Life Between Lives session. LBL sessions sometimes go on considerably longer than a typical past life session – often two hours. Be sure to set aside time to do the work.

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