Learn the hypnosis skills and intuitive techniques you need to help others.

The Personal Growth And Intuitive Course is designed to help you develop your own intuitive skills, and to bring a broad range of self hypnosis, and hypnotherapy tools to your life. Those who enroll on this course will be given training that involves use of hypnosis, an understanding of intuitive techniques including tarot, and a selection of other practices designed to help first manage their own life positively, and secondly bring benefits to others.

Initially you will work with one of our team, and subsequently in a group setting. Ultimately you will be encouraged to help others, using the skills you have developed.

You’ll do several past life regressions with one of our team and become familiar with the techniques. You will also work with palmistry and tarot, first having sessions and then learning the basics with people who work with these tools all the time. You will be enrolled in the Vancouver Hypnotherapy School Workshop Program to build your hypnosis skills and further understand how to hypnotize others.

Using the ‘Request An Appointment‘ form be sure to mention you are interested in The Kitsilano Hypnotherapy Personal Growth And Intuitive Course.

The course takes place over a one year period and spans a broad range of content. On completion you will be equipped to perform hypnosis and several other techniques that will assist you in supporting others.

The course costs $1895 and can be financed over a 12 month period. You will be required to be a club member to participate in this course.