I was recently sitting in stationary in traffic on Highway 1, staring at the licence plate of the vehicle in front of me, listening to the news about climate change, lamenting the fact that I was pumping CO2 out of my two ton vehicle when I was reminded of a conversation I’d had with Kary about remote hypnosis.

We know it works, we’ve experimented with it extensively, and there’s no doubt that it’s safe. But how can we sell a service for the same price as someone pays when they come into our beautiful offices?”

Kary and I wrestled with this one. In the end we decided not to push ahead with it, even after doing extensive testing (part of which included successfully ending 5 smokers habits entirely online), because we felt we couldn’t charge a price that would make it viable, if the client wasn’t coming on site. Well, that was in 2008.

These days I never drive downtown. I cycle. I avoid parking tickets, ludicrous parking charges, and I keep my arteries unblocked with the exercise. Things have moved forward in the last 11 years. Skype is far more reliable, as is Whatsapp. And climate change is affected by quite literally every single car journey. We’re living a very different reality.

I now offer counselling and hypnotherapy remotely for clients who don’t wish to come to my Broadway location. My rate is the same as the ‘in-person’ rate, however you will save the cost of parking tickets, parking charges and of course contributing to climate change that will destroy the planet for our children.

Things to do before your Remote Hypnotherapy Session.

  1. Think of this like a home visit. You do not want to be disturbed during this appointment, so set the time aside so that children, pets and visitors are not going to disturb you.
  2. . Set your phone to Do Not Disturb, so you won’t be interrupted.
  3. Use a headset. This improves sound quality substantially. It helps with the hypnosis.
  4. Get a blanket and a pillow and set yourself up either sitting comfortably, or lying down with your computer or phone positioned in such a way that I will be able to see you.
  5. Enjoy the session. It’s safe, it’s more comfortable than running around to appointments, and you can stop worrying about what the traffic is going to be like on your way home.

Remote hypnosis has been around for at least two decades. It was a little clunky at first, because Skype used to drop, or there would be other technical challenges. These days it’s reliable and efficient. If you have any questions reach me at rob@KitsilanoHypnotherapy.com or 778 919 0197.

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