The truth is in the cards. There’s a journey – one that requires sacrifice. Yet it does lead to knowledge. Are you ready to make that journey?

I charge just $65 for a forty minute reading and prefer my clients to book a minimum of three readings at a time. This provides clarity and continuity to serve you better.

I’ve been reading the cards for a long time. Let me share with you where my journey started. I was eight years old, in a boarding school. It was quite an unhappy place, but we muddled through as best we could. Many cold nights we’d play cards to pass the time.

On this particular night a boy had returned from a weekend out, and brought with him a pack of cards. As he opened the new cards and took the cellophane off the cardboard packaging he looked puzzled.

Staring at the cards he declared, “They don’t work!” and looked frustrated.

One of our friends found his own pack and we played with those instead, and the cards were forgotten by all but myself. I stared at the unusual images and was captivated. The boys parents had unknowingly bought him a set of Tarot cards instead of playing cards. I later swapped a half pot of Marmite for the cards ‘that didn’t work.’

Under the blankets of the bed I read the tiny booklet that came with the tarot cards by the dim light of a torch. I soon realised I had something very strange on my hands. It all seemed so forbidden that I felt I was treading a dangerous path, particularly as this school was an Anglican establishment steeped in history. Each morning we’d go to chapel and sing the matins service like devout little angels.

In those days there was no internet, and it fell to The Encyclopedia Britannica to educate me about the cards. In very conservative terms the encyclopedia explained the occult meaning of the pack and the uses it could be put to. I was immediately hooked.

I soon started trying to use the cards and fumbled my way through a number of readings. A few friends would ask me to read for them, but I was completely out of my depth. However, the cards have a life of their own. To some degree they find their owner. And when I read for the young man who had swapped the cards for the Marmite pot I clearly saw a death in the family. At first I didn’t know what to tell him, so chilling was the thought. And yet, how could I not tell him?

I couched the reading in gentle but understandable phrases that made it quite clear that there would soon be a final goodbye. That weekend he was once more travelling home. When he returned, and we learned his pet cat had died unexpectedly, my reputation as a reader was started.

Since that time I have used the cards to steer myself and others through many situations and life changing events. They’ve been a guide and a comfort. At the very least they provide a lens through which to refocus on ones life, and at best they provide a ritual so deep in meaning and guidance they can seem quite literally magical.

I would be the first to say that the cards are a strange source, and have their own very magical doctrine. After all, how could a few colorful images really foretell the future? Well, of course, it’s just not that simple. It’s about the reader, the one searching for truth, and the interpretation of the cards. This little triangle often comes to be more than the sum of the parts.

I charge $65 cash for a 40 minute reading. I usually like my tarot clients to commit to 3 readings over three months. Call me and ask specifically about tarot, if you’d like to have a reading.

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