There are many Tarot decks these days. Most draw from the Rider Waite Tarot, and then use their theme to re-imagine the imagery within the card. The Grail Tarot does this with extraordinary depth and insight.

Author John Matthews has long been a leading authority of Grail lore, and druidic mysticism. He comes to the world of tarot from a background of Arthurian legend and new age spirituality.  Working with artist Govanni Caselli, a beautiful and richly illustrated tarot has been created.

Perhaps one of the nicest things about the Grail Tarot is that it focuses on a simple human feature  Рthe search for something we intuitively know we have to find, yet likely cannot define. What better metaphor for this human characteristic than the search for the Grail? The Grail has several forms, for some it is a physical cup, for others a stone and for others still a cauldron. Equally it can be an ideal or a goal.

Drawing on the historical stories of the crusades, Arthurian legend and sources as diverse as ancient Welsh poetry, the Bible and tales of mystical christian lands beyond India, the Grail Tarot uses a vast array of ideas, parables and events (both actual and imagined) to present us with images around which to build a story of the past, our present and the future.

For many of us, the context of the Arthurian legends and many emotive illustrations offered by a deck of this type provide an ideal canvas on which to present ideas and concepts. Working with a deck of this type provides a useful framework in which to develop our own story, and understand the script as it unfolds.

The deck it also lends itself to the unusual practice of using the tarot deck as a tool for learning about past lives. An interesting journey of exploration may be a tarot reading with The Grail Tarot followed a week later by a past life regression with the aid of the deck.

If you’d like a reading using this deck be sure to let us know.

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