life between livesMany people wonder if they’ve had a past life and can they access it. The curiosity that drives us to explore such ideas can lead in many directions, some helpful and some of very dubious value. What most people agree is that lessons learned from using past life exploration as a therapy can change your life, often in quite profound ways.

So, how do we go about starting this exploration? The easiest way is to use hypnosis, either alone, in a group or with a hypnotherapist, to achieve a trance state. In a trance state our minds access parts of our memory and our subconscious that can reveal information that is obscured during conscious thought. In many cases, this information inexplicably seems to reside outside our realm of experience.

It can seem inconceivable that such ideas and images, ‘memories’ if that is what we wish to call them, can be inside our heads. How is it we can remember the smell of a steam locomotive, if we have never actually seen one? How do we know that hidden beneath a red cushion on a chair we’ve never owned their lies a letter from a lover we’ve never met?

And yet we do know these things. We do remember these sensations – as though they happened yesterday. Sometimes feeling of deja vu overwhelm us. Other times we see a scene in our dreams with all the vivid realism of a waking experience. In both cases something seems to have floated up into our conscious thought, and revealed itself in ways that we can only consider perplexing.

So, what can we do to see if we’ve had a past life? Is there really anything there? The simplest way to figure this out is to go back to our clients who have experienced past life regression and found information that has served them well. Once we look at this group, well over a hundred in number, a few well directed questions show us a pattern.

Almost all of those clients that experienced past lives reported that they had experienced a sense of deja vu more than once. In most instances it was a feeling that could be recreated when revisiting a place or situation. “I just feel that I’ve done this before,” was a typical comment when going sailing, or starting some other new activity that they’d never done before in their living memory.

A second indicator was the sense of having met someone for the first time and feeling the knew them intimately. Many times we have this feeling, and quite likely we don’t act on it. What lost opportunity passes us by we might never know. However, in successful regressions it’s quite normal, when subsequently asked, for the subject to say that, ‘yes’, they’ve had feelings of having met some of the characters in their exploration previously.

The third indicator that there is a past life to be found is the sense that something is missing – something fundmental. This might be an object or a concept. One might think of this as a feeling that, if this picture were to be painted of the subjects life, there would be a blank section of canvas where something or someone belonged. This is an indicator that we are once again playing out a story that has been pplayed out before, and we still have not put all the pieces together.

Are these three factors conclusive proof? Far from it. However they do seem to be pretyy good indicators that whatever it is we’re accessing as we explore the universe of past lives, there’s something for us to find.


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