Training Modules

I have trained many hypnotherapists and continue to offer masterclass training. My training methods are simple and a great way to upgrade your skills, or start gaining a deeper understanding of hypnosis.

The modules below are useful additions to your hypnotherapy training and can substantially enhance your skills as a hypnotherapist. In the end though, there is no substitute for practice.

The Single Session Quit Smoking Method.

This is a great method for ending smoking in a single session. The content includes details on the method itself, how to market it, and how to track your success. US $29.95

The Single Session Quit Smoking Technique

The Basic Treatment Training Module.

This module takes you through a method of directing treatment for most types of issue you’ll face as a hypnotherapist. It’s a methodical approach that adds professionalism and effectiveness to your approach as a hypnotherapist. It combines a variety of approaches to the client’s health, and brings the management of the client into an organised framework. US $19.95

Basic Treatment Training Module

Anxiety Treatment Training Module.

In this training module we look at the following issues:

1. The impact of pharmacy on anxiety clients.

2. Dealing with anxiety at a general level

3. Dealing with specific types of anxiety (including phobias).

4. The use of regression, positive reinforcement and ACT therapies.

5. A typical treatment plan.

We provide you will effective methods of working with anxiety clients, as well as some valuable techniques that will help manage phobias and other related challenges. 

The module is priced at US $24.95.

Anxiety Treatment Training Module

Addictions Treatment Training Module.

In this module we work with therapists to help them understand how to work with addictions in the following areas:

1. Narcotics

2. Alcohol

3. Prescription Drugs

4. Antidepressants

5. Gambling

This module presents powerful tools for working with the issues over a period, and will allow you to deliver meaningful assistance to your clients.

This module is priced at US $34.95

Addictions Treatment Training Module

Bulimia Treatment Training Module.

Bulimia is a complex and largely misunderstood issue. In this training module you will learn how to work effectively with Bulimia, from therapists who have worked successfully with the issue over many years.

This module uses the techniques pioneered at Vancouver Hypnotherapy and now used successfully by hundreds of therapists around the world. This is designed for hypnotists with an intermediate level of experience. The module is priced at US $24.95.

Bulimia Treatment Training Module