Self hypnosis using MP3’s is a wonderful skill to develop. It help many people overcome issues, and I am very happy to make a few of my extensive library of MP3’s available. On this page I’ve listed a couple of the free ones. If you’d like to check out a few others, you can buy some of my downloadable hypnosis MP3’s here.

If you’ve never done self hypnosis before, give some of these a try. Just be sure never to use the soundfiles while driving or operating heavy machinery.

A soundfile is a great way to relax or improve the quality of your sleep. A great way to use these files is to put one on when you go to bed, and just let it help you slide toward a comfortable night’s rest. Using a headset is a great way to increase the effectiveness of the file.

Use this first file to find relaxation and overcome insomnia day or night. It’s going to help you let go of tension and settle into a quiet trance state.

This file is aimed at helping overcome anxiety. There are several different forms of anxiety and while an MP3 is unlikely to provide a resolution to the issue it can provide some level of relief. Feel free to call and discuss the issue if you’d like to work with me.

You can find more of my Self Hypnosis MP3s here.